Posture Links:

Up With GravitySM
Harness the power of gravity to release tension and lighten up

On Coming to Terms with the “P” Word
A physical therapist talks about her training experience

Backpacks, Kids and Us
Reflections on the dangers heavy backpacks pose to children’s posture

Professor John Dewey on Posture
John Dewey was a famous American philosopher and is sometimes called the “Father of American Education”. The language is a little old-fashioned, but he makes some very important points about posture.

Alexander Technique and Posture
Excerpt from an article by James Harvey Robinson in an article titled “The Philosopher’s Stone”, published in theĀ  April, 1919 issue of the Atlantic Monthly Magazine

Proper Seating at the Piano
Suggestions from the Well-Balanced Pianist Website

Body Mind and Modem: Correct Posture
Interesting essay on posture by an practitioner of Aikido
A web site devoted to Posture, Movement and Ergonomics

Amadeus Equipment
Performing Arts Furniture and Music Studios

Upright and uptight – the invention of posture
Excellent article about the history of posture

Your Posture
“Posture education” film from the 30s or 40s

Alexander Technique Links:

Complete Guide to the Alexander Technique
Comprehensive worldwide guide to Alexander Technique resources

Alexander Technique Express
Quick and mobile friendly version of the Complete Guide

Online Posture and Movement Coaching
Learn the Alexander Technique anywhere in the world

Alexander Podcast
Audio interviews about all aspects of the Alexander Technique

Alexander Video
Alexander Technique video resources

Alexander Audio
Alexander Technique audio resources

Alexander Talk
Lighthearted, incisive conversations about the Alexander Technique

Pilates and Alexander Technique
The men and their methods – parallels and differences

Physical Therapy and Alexander Technique
Similarities and differences between these two fields

Ergonomics and Alexander Technique
Ergonomics, posture and motion

Alexander Technique Teacher Training
Find an Alexander Technique training course

Body Learning Blog
Exploring the discoveries of F. M. Alexander and the Alexander Technique

Alexander Technique Blogs
Guide to all Alexander Technique blogs

Other Links:

Gym Gear manufacture a leading range of commercial cardio equipment.

Try Physio-led Pilates at Mojo Pilates in classes in Chorley.

BT Office Ergonomic Resources
From leading UK supplier
Tai Chi and Qigong exercises to improve your health

XGaming Chair
Healthy gaming for gamers, by gamers

Alexander Technique Melbourne
Lessons with Micka Rotstein

Posture and Movement Coaching using Skype
Improve your posture and movement patterns

Somatic Education Resources
Training and products, specializing in Hanna Somatic Education

Alexander Technique in Sydney, Australia
Alexander Technique lessons

Green Architecture
India’s ancient science of Vastu architecture

Information about the Sacro Occipital method developed by Dr. M. B. DeJarnette

Alternative Healthzine
Comprehensive information about alternative therapies

Amadeus Equipment
Performing Arts Furnature and Music Studios
Yoga & Meditation, International Retreats, classes & workshops in Austin, Texas

Posture Education
Ergonomic seat supports for use in cars, the office, airplanes

TaiChi People
Chinese martial arts, herbs and remedies

Office Ergonomics
Tips about office workstation ergonomics, ergonomic PCs, laptops and chairs